#101 - Masque Magazine May 2017

Masque Magazine May 2017

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Xailenrath Xailenrath said:

Another month, another cover of Masque Magazine!!

This time, we go to a parallel Earth that has fallen... HARD. The most powerful being there is, of course, Centennia! "Dark" Centennia promised not to kill our interview staff if we made her the covergirl of the issue. (We planned on doing that anyway, but don't tell her! She didn't kill anyone, but, Dave the lighting tech did loose an arm for commenting on the fact that she wasn't wearing underwear!)

This turned out to be our 'All-villain' issue, with plenty of interviews and pictorials with your favorite baddies!

All OC villains mentioned are creations of their respective reators, whom can all be found on DeviantArt.com

1st Jul 2017, 5:25 PM




Loved this rendition of the Dark Centennia! You got it right down to the eye color. Awesome.
Love reading the headlines about all the characters!

1st Jul 2017, 9:49 PM

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