#103 - Masque Magazine July 2017

Masque Magazine July 2017

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Xailenrath Xailenrath said:

Happy July, everyone!
Masque, your mighty multiversal magazine of mayhem and majesty returns with this month's covergirl, Muse!

Other heroes (and villains!) mentioned:
Infinix by Robenix
StarHammer, Runamok by Xailenrath
Torrent by The-She-Cat
Centauri by Kostmeyer
Cinder by mrfuzzynutz
Lady Matchmaster, Armagedda and the Super Bachelor concept by the illustrious TheCosmicBeholder
Midnight Owl by midnightowl07

"Earth-K, Anna Atom, and Max Atom were created by Michael P. and are available for use by anyone, with only one condition: This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Earth-K, Anna Atom, and Max Atom in order that others may use these properties as they wish."

This is the most current, and, therefore last Masque Cover to be showcased... at least until next month!

For more info on Muse, check HERE!

4th Jul 2017, 2:37 PM