#113 - DeviantArt Heroes 2006

DeviantArt Heroes 2006

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Xailenrath Xailenrath said:

A group shot of various superheroes and heroines from around DeviantArt, circa '06 or '07.

Invincibelle by buckeyestar
Nobody the Idiot by hartter
King Midas by trestyles
StarShield by mattcrap
Ripstar by Yours Truly, xailenrath
Miss Adventure by drewgardner
StarBlast by mattcrap, as well
Lightning Man by dabackpagecomics
Go-Bee by go-bee
Larissa Rasputin by larissa-rasputin

A few of these fine folks and their characters haven't been seen around DA for a while. They are missed, and I hope that wherever they are, things are going well.

27th Feb 2019, 11:57 PM