#124 - They keep killing Madrox

They keep killing Madrox

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Xailenrath Xailenrath said:

Goddammit, Marvel!
I swear, it seems that I've found myself making one of these "Poor Madrox" pictures at least once every year and a half for the last decade.
Must I suffer just because my favorite mutant/X-related person isn't Wolverine or frickin' Deadpool?!
I knew it was coming. Marvel has been massaging it's own unmentionables about 'big changes' in the X-universe ever since AvsX, and all that really ever means is a bodycount. And, when that happens, there's nobody "The House of Ideas" loves raking over the coals more than the 'One-Man-Bodycount', Jamie "Multiple Man" Madrox.
It almost seems that the only time Jamie even shows up in the Marvel universe anymore is just so they can KILL him.
This makes me real nervous about that James Franco movie everyone keeps insisting is coming soon.

Dammit, Marvel. Just.... DAMMIT.

20th Jul 2019, 9:38 PM