#181 - Mad Coffee

Mad Coffee

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Octopus Ink

Octopus Ink Octopus Ink said:

Joint fanart for two of my favorite webcomics, plus, one of my own!
Made back in January. I could'a SWORN that I'd posted this here!
Anyway -

Donna Panks & Jo Doyle from Grinder$
The Madness & Pearl Legates of Tangentville
Eddie Rizzo and Chip Larroquette of Rose-Tinted World.

22nd Oct 2021, 9:35 AM



KidCthulhu KidCthulhu

It's still a classic!

(Love the blue lenses on Pearl's BSOD face, BTW)

22nd Oct 2021, 9:46 AM

Octopus Ink

Octopus Ink Octopus Ink

That's what I was going for, but, I wasn't sure folks would get it.
I ALMOST tried to squeeze a lot of teeny tiny white text from the actual BSOD page into each lens, but, I thought better of it at the last second!

22nd Oct 2021, 10:20 AM

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