#28 - Action Pac'd: Superiac

Action Pac'd: Superiac

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Xailenrath Xailenrath said:

During the course of day to day activity in PacLand City, the cyborg agents of Mesmeron (The "GhostMonsters") tend to get destroyed by PacMan and his security forces.

Mind you the GhostMonsters are good at their job, but sometimes, the PacLanders are just too much for them.
As artificial beings, Mesmeron has placed self-destruct mechanisms in their bodies, but, sometimes, there are remnants.
The Pacland scientists have salvaged some of these remnants and reverse engineered them. That, along with longstanding Pacland science and what they were able to glean from the Norems, whose planet they invaded and took over, enabled them to create a Cybroid creation of their own, complete with artificial superpowers.
They dubbed him Superiac.

His job is, ostensibly, to protect the 'innocent' PacLanders from the GhostMonsters and foster a degree of good will with the remaining Norems in PacLand City.
Mind you, the PacLand scientists had not completely replicated Mesmeron's process for copying brain engrams to artificial beings, so, when they used "Packy" PacMan's brain engrams to boot up Superiac, something was a bit.... off.

Superiac is a fully autonomous AI, but he seems to have gleaned nothing from PacMan but his ego. There are also bits and pieces of the GhostMonsters' personality within him as well.

Powerwise, he is stronger than Pinky, as fast as Bliniky, and utilizes the teleportational warp that Inky possesses to store exploses like a transit warp to get from place to place. As the GhostMonsters can hover an glide a foot or so off the ground, Superiac can actually fly. He also has the bizarre ability to grow to 15 feet tall when he ingests power-pellets.
Unfortunately for all involved, mentally, his out-of-control ego often distracts him from his mission. He dawdles in any mirror he sees, even in the middle of a fight, and any blow to said ego can send him into either a catatonic state until he is reassured, or send him into an insane rant, possibly due to Inky's brain engrams being part of his mental make-up.

He is not indestructible, however. He is tougher than the GhostDroids, but he is made of the same stuff. He can be destroyed. Unlike the GhostDroids, who have many, many back-up bodies languishing in Mesmeron's clone pens, there is only one Superiac... at least until the PacLand Science department can create new ones, for which they do not yet have the materials, resources or complete know-how.

25th May 2015, 6:02 PM